Made By Us

Our internal tools are just important as the tools we build for our clients, as they allow us to work faster, smarter and allow us to test bleeding edge tech that may not be ready for prime time.

Have a look at the products made in house here at NERDY


We want your application to be yours, so we developed a Content Management System that remains simple as the complexity of your project grows.

SPECKY comes with a block page builder, image cropping tools and is fully customisable so we can extend it to do anything. Currently we are using SPECKY to power simple websites and complexed job systems. 

SPECKY isn't just a page builder however, it is your personal portal to manage all the data of your web, mobile or desktop application. It is highly flexible and because we built it we can make it do practically anything.


Keeping track of whats been worked on each day can get a little difficult when working with multiple clients and my focus is typically on their projects first, and recording what I worked on second. 

To make sure we always keep track I developed a desktop application that takes a screenshot of the users desktop every minute allows you to scroll back and forth between these screenshots in an intuitive way. 

Check out the app on the Mac App store