Our products and tools are built using the tech below. While we have built our own tooling using these products, we intentionally use these frameworks that are open source and well established. This is so you have the freedom to take your codebase outside of NERDY, should the need arise to do so.

We don't believe in holding your codebase ransom because we built your system, we believe in building good systems that aren't dependant on any individual or team.


Built using Google Go (golang), a modern programming language from some of the best brains at Google. Designed to be robust, scalable and fast.


Enables development of mobile applications using web technologies, allowing applications to be developed for both iOS and Android simultaneously.


Similar in spirit to that of Cordova, but for desktop applications. Applications will run on Windows, Mac OS and any other desktop system that supports a web browser.


Vue js takes the best lessons of both Angular and React and combines them into an api that allows for fast development of modern web and mobile applications.


Stripe is a payment provider, with a rich API for developers. Integration with Stripe allows the creation of payment forms that have the look and feel of the rest of your application.

No more links to ugly Paypal pages.